It is not about having the best equipment, but making the best use of the equipment you have.

Ratatat Sounds Recording Studio is conveniently located in south central Virginia in the city of Danville, just a short drive from the cities of Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Roanoke and Lynchburg.
Ratatat provides a Full Service Recording Studio solution, with 5 dedicated sound controlled rooms, digital multi-track recording with up to 24 simultaneous tracks and a professional dedicated staff with over 30 years experience in music as engineers, producers, musicians, and song writers.

Professional Service

Ratatat Commitment to Excellence

Our skilled engineers have worked with local, regional, and national talent.  We truly care about your music as much as you do. If our studio’s name is going on your project, then you deserve the best we can offer.  We give production advice with a critical ear to ensure the best takes are recorded, and often go above and beyond what is expected for the best sound and experience.


Ratatat Sounds is an all digital recording studio with the ability to record 24 tracks simultaneously using high quality equipment to capture your best performance.  Digital mixing ensures your mix will be saved. Every mixer channel offers fully parametric eq, effects, compression, and gates.  Digital editing capabilities including pitch correction and mastering.


Mastering involves subtle audio processes including equalization, compression, saturation, stereo enhancement, and limiting to balance the stereo mix, make all the elements sound cohesive and equal,
and to reach commercial loudness.
Mastering is the final step before sending off your project for duplication and distribution.  The master recording is what will be copied. 


Just like it sounds, mixing is taking all the well-recorded elements and blending them together to a stereo track to make sure every part is heard clearly to the satisfaction of the artist.  It’s basically a musical balancing act.


Even though the trend is downloading and streaming, fans would likely buy a CD at your show.  Plus, you can make more money from a physical product than downloads and streams.  We can help design your cover artwork for a professional looking project, whether you need 10 CDs or 1000.  Other media options available as well including LPs. 

Ratatat Sounds Recording Studio is a Christian based family owned and operated business.
We kindly ask that you be Respectful and Professional at all times.  We expect all clients to abide by the following while on the premises: No alcohol, illegal drugs, sexually explicit material, abusive language, or crude dress or behavior.

Failure to comply with these policies will result in forfeiture of all remaining session time and future sessions may be cancelled.

Thank you for your understanding and observance of our wishes.